Vision is an incredibly powerful tool to unlock your true potential. With vision, you can build a clear, effective roadmap to reach your goals and achieve your desired results. It gives you the focus and direction you need to overcome obstacles and challenges that may lie ahead by seeing your destination. In this article, we will explore The Three Keys to mastering your results and unlocking your potential through the power of vision. We will also discuss the importance of having a vivid vision, the power of visualization, and the importance of creating a plan of action. By understanding and applying these three keys, you can unlock your potential and achieve extraordinary results.

Importance of Having a Vivid Vision

The first step to mastering your results and unlocking your potential is having a vivid, compelling vision. A vision is a mental image you hold of what you’d like to achieve in the future. It is a clear mental picture of what success looks like, and how you want to feel in your life. A vision has the power to inspire and motivate you, and can help you achieve more than you ever thought possible. 

An important ingredient in designing your vision is writing it down.  The act of writing out a vision requires attention to detail and often generates imagery.  When you can clearly “see” your desired future, it not only becomes easier to identify specific goals and actions steps to achieve that vision, but it also fires up creativity, inspiration and motivation.  Additionally, this process may help uncover your deeper reason for why you want certain results and outcomes.  The more we understand the what and the why, the easier the how (or process to achieve the vision) becomes. 

A clear vision facilitates the ability to set clear short, medium and longer term goals and create a plan toward achieving the vision.   And by doing so, you put yourself on a new trajectory that will land you in the life and results you truly want.  This is called living by design, which is consciously deciding what you want and taking steps toward that.  Most people are living by default, responding to what is in their current environment, hoping and trying to make things work out in their favor.  

Power of Visualization

Visualization is a key component of creating a powerful vision. When you visualize your future and the results you want to achieve, you are actively creating new neural pathways in your brain that will cause  you to think and act differently in time.  These new thoughts and behaviors will begin to produce new results aligned with your future vision, and you are effectively reprogramming your subconscious patterns.  This is how you are able to create the life you want consciously, step by step.  The mind is very flexible and adaptable (neuroplasticity), although it takes consistent practice to override old patterns.  It’s simple, but not easy because we’re so ingrained in our old habits and attached to our old identity and doing things that are familiar and comfortable.  

Create Your Plan of Action

You want to start setting yourself up for success with a plan that is both organized and logical, but also leaves room for creativity, insight and inspiration.

Once you design your longer-term vision (e.g. 1-3 years out), you will want to start creating shorter-term goals that roll up to your vision.  Use questions to help you develop your plan of action.  A few examples to get you started are provided below.

  1. What new possibility would I love to be experiencing 3 – 4 months from now?
  2. What is one of my greatest strengths that will help me move towards this new possibility?
  3. What exactly do I want to be celebrating 1 year from now?  How does that look and feel?
  4. What 2 – 3 steps (e.g. priorities, projects, tasks, resources) will help me move towards that possibility with ease and peace of mind?
  5. What action am I willing to commit to taking within the next 24 hours?  It could be the simplest, smallest step or possibly a BOLD step. 
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These 3 Keys Can Help You Get Started Unlocking Your Potential and Achieving Your Vision:

Key #1: Designing Your Vision

Just like building a new home you need to create your life blueprint.  Ideally, what would you love to be experiencing in your health and wellbeing, relationships, career or creative expression and time and money freedom 1-3 years from today?  If there were no limits or obstacles in your way, what would each of these areas look and feel like?  This may be a challenging activity, as most of our minds are programmed to look at current conditions and not visions.

Ask yourself, “If time, money, past experience, confidence, age, etc. weren’t a factor, what would I love my life to be like?”  As soon as this question is asked, your mind might interfere by trying to figure out HOW it’s all going to happen.  And it might try to minimize what you could achieve, telling you that it’s unrealistic or you should just be happy and grateful with what you already have…it’s good enough!

These are schemes the mind uses to keep things status quo so it can prevent anything new and unfamiliar from happening.  The mind’s job is to keep us “safe” (aka no changes) so it sends out thoughts that produce fear (disguised as practicality), and we often listen to the mind and live a lesser version of life than we’d like.  It’s not because we can’t have the life we want, it’s because we don’t truly believe it’s realistic or possible. This is why we often don’t pursue our big goals or dreams and if we do, we stop short of them when we encounter obstacles or resistance.

The takeaway here is to create a clear, written description of the life you want –  in all areas of life – without allowing the mind to interfere.  This then becomes your blueprint for building that life, step by step, and living on purpose in alignment with your desires, instead of allowing the outer world to dictate what is possible for you.

Key #2: Deciding for Your Vision

Once you create your vision, you have to commit to it.  Writing out your dream in vivid detail is only a first step.  There is a level of devotion necessary to move the needle forward to break through old patterns. The gravitational pull of the old life is very strong at first, so without a clear reason and purpose for building this new life, it’s easy to stay in the life we already know so well.  This doesn’t mean we have to stop everything to solely focus on building this new life.  It only means we must carve out time to focus our attention and resources on taking small steps toward the vision.  Ask yourself daily, “What is one small step I could take today to make progress in this (insert description) area of my vision? There is something small you could do every day. Even if it’s just noticing and possibly changing a limiting thought or perspective when it comes up. 

Key #3: Befriending Your Fear

Remind yourself, it’s not about doing it without fear.  It’s not about doing it perfectly.  There will be days you feel like you’re not moving forward or taking the necessary steps. That’s all okay.  It’s about developing new patterns and habits over time through small steps done fairly consistently that will begin placing you on a new trajectory headed right for the life YOU designed!  

Fear can be harnessed and used as fuel instead of something that delays or holds you back.  When we befriend fear and see that it’s a natural response by our nervous system to something unfamiliar or something we deem threatening, we can more easily accept it.  This is the first step to dismantling its crippling power over us.  Once we accept it, we can harness and reformat it to facilitate the process of building a future vision into our current reality.  To do this, take every single fear thought, accept and appreciate it and ask, What might be another way of seeing this that could accelerate my momentum toward my vision?  Or How could this challenge actually become an opportunity? Or What potential is present that I can’t currently see?  And then just allow new solutions, insights and ideas to surface.  This is an abbreviated version of a process I teach my clients that often produces extraordinary results.  


Vision is an incredibly powerful tool in helping you unlock your true potential. With vision, you can build a clear, effective roadmap to reaching your goals and achieving your desired results. It can give you focus and direction to move forward, no matter what potential challenges or seeming obstacles surface along the way. Vision can help you stay motivated and on track when outer distractions threaten to pull you back into the old life.  By understanding and applying the three keys of (1) Designing Your Vision (2) Deciding for Your Vision and (3) Befriending Your Fear, you can unlock your potential and achieve extraordinary results.

If you would like guidance on either (1) Developing a clear future vision (for yourself, your business, or your team) OR (2) Creating the mindset and action steps to build your vision, please contact me for a complimentary Strategy Call.