I was recently interviewed by Lynn Kitchen and Julie Jones Hamilton on an episode of World’s Greatest Motivators TV Series. As the founder of Evolution Solutions, I have dedicated my career to helping others unlock their potential and create a life they truly desire. 

In the interview, I share the inspiration behind my career shift, the mission of Evolution Solutions, and valuable insights for those considering Life or Business Coaching. 

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When I was 9 years old I unknowingly offered a “coaching conversation” that helped my step-sister overcome deep sadness, and that experience awakened a desire in me to help others in this capacity.  That said, I wasn’t really conscious of it until decades later when a series of personal wake-up calls and my father’s ALS diagnosis shook me to my core, enabling me to leave my corporate career and become a full-time Life and Business Coach and Trainer. I realized life is too short not to follow your passion, and that perspective led me to found my company, Evolution Solutions, to help others create lives and businesses they love.

The mission of Evolution Solutions is to help individuals, teams, and organizations create a clear vision for what they desire and align their thoughts, feelings, and actions with that vision by “rewiring” old limiting patterns. I leverage tools, practices and principles founded in neuroscience, quantum science, and heart-brain technology to enable my clients to access their innate potential and apply it in real-time to build sustainable results and outcomes. 

During the interview, I share valuable insights for viewers and challenge people to consider that difficult or hurtful situations may actually be catalysts for discovering our greatest potential. By embracing these challenges, we can experience tremendous growth and transformation.

For those unsure if coaching is right for you, I explain in the interview that coaching can be an incredible resource for anyone with a goal, vision or dream that hasn’t yet been fully achieved.  A coach can provide a different perspective, support and guidance, and practical tools for overcoming fear, doubt, lack of clarity, or any limitation standing between you and your greatest goals and desires.

If you’re interested in learning more about taking a coaching journey, either one-to-one, in a group, or as part of your team or organization, please get in touch at judy@myevolutionsolutions.com or set up your complimentary introductory coaching call.  

Additionally, I’ve created a special offer, including 2 free gifts, for the World’s Greatest Motivators audience that I’ve made available here too.  To learn more, click here to watch my interview on the World’s Greatest Motivators TV Series, or go directly to GiftsfromJudy.com to claim your gifts that will support you along your journey to create a life you truly love living.