Evolution Solutions Reviews

Private Coaching Reviews

"Working with Evolution Solutions has been a life-changing experience! Judy is a gifted coach and mentor and empowers her clients to discover and develop their "truest self" and equips them with the tools to continue this journey. I exhort you to seriously consider investing in yourself, and your highest calling by working with Judy Hersch and Evolution Solutions, LLC."


"Having completed the DreamBuilder Program with Judy, I can only say it was the most transformative and beneficial commitment I have ever made for my own personal growth. Over the 12-week course I created and launched the business of my dreams with many open doors, and incredible successes, but greater yet has been my own expansion that has enabled me to be the holder of my dreams."


"This program has most certainly been life changing for me! I now have a clear vision and dream that I am actively working towards, and I have learned so much about how to make my dreams really come true. I loved this program and especially loved Judy’s coaching and guidance."


"Judy's coaching program is a course that is guaranteed to equip you with the tools to create the life you’ve always dreamed of. Buy into the program watch as your life takes a new trajectory."

- KC, Maintenance Engineer, California

Group & Corporate Coaching Reviews

"It was a pleasure to sponsor Judy as a Trainer for our start-up and experience her skill as a trainer and coach. our start-up went from disparate talent to focused and ready to launch. she anticipated the issues and provided game changing insights from her expansive business and life experience. I absolutely recommend Judy to coach or lead any endeavor where it is essential for people to achieve their highest level of creativity and performance."

- president & CEO, aptum strategies

“This course has exceeded my expectations-thank you! I am so grateful to have been able to experience this, as well as share it with my team, and I am excited about continuing the work. Judy has been a ray of light on our Friday mornings-we have all responded so well to her & the course that we have decided to continuing working with Judy. I honestly feel that we’re at the beginning stages of unlocking out true potential as a team. Thank you again!.”

- Founder & CEO, By association

"This training course can be the impetus to making desired personal and professional changes. It brings the complex and complicated down to the practical and usable. Highly recommended."

- Hyde Park Pros President

"I recently completed a 12-week Program with evolution solutions and was deeply thrilled with the content, format, and most of all my coach. Judy exemplified professionalism and continually exceeded my expectations. I am so pleased with my results. This was the best experience of my life!"

- Independent herbalife distributor